About us

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Doing business in
Sweden since 2008

We have had our home base in Sweden since 2008 and we couldn’t have chosen a better place. Sweden, an innovative country with exciting climate, both for innovation but also literally with its cold winters and long summer nights. It being the home of fika and cinnamon buns is also a big plus!

When it comes to work,
customers like our flexibility

For example, when budget is tight but goals are high, we can give you a mix of based-in-Sweden and offshore resources. We coordinate the communication with the offshore resources, so that it becomes an easy experience for our customers.

When it comes partofsweden

We really like repeat business

That probably sounds obvious. It’s extra effort for us, but we go out of our way to make sure you’re satisfied. We take the time to really understand what you want, and then we keep you in the loop with regular updates along the way. Big customer or small, we treat you with respect because we want you to come back.

Our teams

We have a core team of software developers and IT support professionals living here in Sweden. Their specialty is helping Swedish companies meet IT and software development goals.

We also have a great team of developers at our offshore development center in Karachi, Pakistan. Together, we allow Swedish companies to develop quality software. That means you can meet your development goals without blowing up your budget.

We’re proud of both our communication and our code quality

Maybe we should mention these last couple of things. Sometimes, when our offshore developers are really technically good but not well versed in English, we pair them with experienced Swedish mentors who take care of the communication. That keeps our developers happy, and our customers happy, too.

If you’re wondering, we’ve been around since 2008, and we’ve grown from 2 people to over 65. We are an engineering-driven company focused on getting customer results. Word of mouth is how we’ve grown so far.

we re proud of EN