Rockstar web and mobile
app developers

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IT professionals right
here in Sweden

Digital Dividend provides you with software developers, IT support professionals, and done-for-you software development services. Our core team of developers and IT professionals live and work right here in Sweden, and stand ready to pay you a visit. Our focus is on done-for-you software development services, so if you want to have your software developed for you, we can develop and manage your entire project in-house.


Strong web, app, and embedded
development technical skills

Our developers are experienced in web and mobile app development with the latest technology. This includes Javascript, MERN, Apple and Android native apps, among others. Developers of embedded systems can write firmware and design your hardware. You will receive clean, modular code instead of spaghetti code.


Easy to manage

Our contract developers and IT professionals work closely with your team. They are experienced and know how to both give and take constructive feedback. Of course, they also know how to “fika” with your team.

The big picture

You will get contractors who won’t lose sight of the forest for the trees because we train them to see the big picture. Attention to detail is as important as making sure to get the job done in the best way possible for the project and the team as a whole.

Invested in your project

Your Digital Dividend contractors treat your project like it’s their own. Feel free to try us and see for yourself. We give you contractors who are flexible and adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Get on-site

Get on-site or offshore
teams — it’s up to you

You can get on-site individuals, entire offshore teams, or a mix of both. We help you find the right combination for your project and budget. For example, when budget is tight but goals are high, we can give you a mix of based-in-Sweden and offshore resources. We coordinate the communication with the offshore resources, so that it becomes an effortless experience for our customers.


Spend more time building,
less time hiring

We make it possible for you to start working on your project without going through the time consuming process of hiring new full-time employees. Our developers are ready to hit the ground running for you.

Code review skills

Our developers understand the importance of code review. They put that into practice by doing it with your team, in accordance with your rules, while keeping you the boss of your codebase.

Agile principles

We give you people who are experienced in an agile development environment. They are quick learners who get the job done on time.

Scale up or down

If you need more people for a project, we can make that possible with our own offshore resources. When the need goes away, we can scale back resources so that you are never overstaffed.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with how things are working out, you can end your contract at any time. In truth, what do you have to lose?