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Accessor enables major telematics to their end users service providers

Accessor enables major telematics service providers and tier-1 customers in all verticals, in all regions, to provide modern, flexible and high-quality solutions to their end users, such as digital driving records and fleet management service administration software. Accessor's solutions are trendsetting and create unlimited opportunities for their customers. The organization is small, customer-centric and flexible, and their employees are hand-picked, highly experienced and with a common mission – to create the future.



Mikael Fernholm CTO at Accessor Telematics was to lead the development of the Accessor Telematics platform while it was still just an idea, and needed a team with specific skills to take it from vision to a real solution. With the well-known difficulty of finding technical people with the right skills and experience, and also with a limited budget, Accessor began to consider hiring consultants offshore.


However, Mikael, like many others, has had a certain skepticism towards the consulting industry due to the risk of accepting workers who do not think long-term, and who mostly focus on doing their job according to specifications here and now and nothing else.



At that time he had a connection with one of the founders of Digital Dividend Sweden, and decided to hire a team consisting of remote developers from their office in Pakistan and an on-site developer from their Office in Sweden


With Digital Dividend, Mikael found not only a solution that was cost-effective, but also a partner that was committed, highly skilled and committed to understanding and delivering real value. The fact that Digital Dividend also had stable


processes for adapting and bridging barriers such as differences in language, time zone and culture, as well as tools for effective communication made collaboration smooth, simple and productive.


Working with Digital Dividend gave them the much-needed skills and as a result helped them go from idea to real solution, saw it launched and it’s still in the market today, driving revenue and successfully creating satisfied customers and users. Among their customers are e.g. ABAX, a world-leading player in Fleet Management.

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