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Data Logger for a tracking device

A logging device was built by our customer to retain log data from a tracking device. In different countries, the problem was mostly with mobile network connections and availability. Tracking devices generate data that can only be viewed by connecting devices to a serial terminal. Previously, we had no idea why some devices were not working properly. To identify an exact cause, we found a way to view the data generated by the devices. Logger device helped to precisely figure out the problems



After conducting extensive research on various technology stacks, it was decided to use Hardware ARM Cortex M0 based microcontrollers, for software development C/C++ was used. We started working with CANva’s tools for CAN bus data logger and Wireshark



Network availability was a major challenge in several countries to capture tracking data.
Troubleshooting tracking devices was most difficult without data visibility.
Adding a data logger to an existing tracker had capacity, size and cost limitations.


We started working on firmware for a data logger that can continue to log data from tracking devices. In order to be easily placed and installed in a vehicle, we prepared a test box containing the tracking device and a data logger. After testing several times, we were able to successfully run a logger device that can continue to log data from the tracking device.

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