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Development and integration of healthcare measures with IoT and hardware-based software

A leading Pakistani healthcare company. Our client's goal was to monitor patient health using a mobile app integrated with healthcare devices. Digital Dividend outsourced the specific hardware from healthcare providers. The devices connect doctors with patients using the patient's phone and either a cable or Bluetooth connection. Users can measure their blood sugar level, temperature and blood pressure through an application with IoT enabled devices. This mobile application was designed and developed using IoT to perform tests and maintain records on the application.



After an in-depth evaluation of various technology stacks, we chose React Native, Laravel and MySql Server Database as the development platform. The technology stack has IOT programming and integrations, and custom reports are now automated.



At that time, there were no devices available on the market that could synchronize with a mobile application.
Patient records were not automated, so manual record entry was still required.
Each test result was entered separately, along with different types of records.
There were no reminders of scheduled medications and other information required of the patients.
There was also no automatic way to notify family members of a sudden illness of the end user.


Digital dividend sources for the client. They connect to phones either via a headphone jack or via Bluetooth. Digital Dividend programmatically enabled the IOT and developed the logic and code needed to integrate devices and mobile applications.


Users create their accounts on the application, as do the doctors. Doctors use the system to check test results and review reports.


Digital Dividend also integrated the mobile application with a healthcare device that measures health-related factors and keeps records. The application creates a separate record for each reading. The system generates alerts and forwards them via email, SMS or both. Optionally, family members receive alerts during emergency situations.

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