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A device was created that can handle extra loads with high power in cars.

The product can be installed in specially adapted vehicles to expand connectivity with additional loads for vehicle units. Digital/numeric relays provide a front panel display or a terminal display via a communication interface. This is used to display relay settings as well as real-time current/voltage values, among other things. The device fully complies with the safety regulations.

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After conducting extensive research on various technology stacks, we decided to use C/C++ for programming the firmware and create the GUI for the product using C#. We purchased controllers from Microchip. The software framework we used is the Atmel Software Framework (ASF). For communication we use Canbus, bluetooth, I2C, SPI, USB, HID, LIN. The sensors we use are pressure and temperature.



There is no separation between a low voltage circuit from a high voltage circuit.
Less control over multiple circuits.
The heavy electrical load is not supported in the microprocessor.
There are no overload relays to protect the motor.


The device for a client as Digital Relay Box is created. We designed the electronic circuit to make it work. The device can handle extra additional type of high power loads in cars. The product can be installed in special vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and construction trucks to extend the connection with extra loads such as warning lights, emergency lights and power tools etc. The device complies with safety regulations and allows end users to fully customize the outputs through a highly interactive PC software.

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