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Our client's goal was to monitor the frequency of a wind turbine to prevent the turbine from blowing or burning. Digital Dividend developed specific hardware and firmware using microcontroller and integrated circuit (IC) based technology, where the user can set different frequency ranges. Once the range is set, the unit will automatically monitor the frequency and control the turbine speed according to the range.



After evaluating various technologies we have decided to do this project through embedded system technology where we have used a microcontroller, signal processing and analog integrated circuit (IC) technology, we programmed the microcontroller using C language and for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) used Ki -Cad and for simulation and testing purposes we used Proteus and Multisim software


The purpose of this project is to control the frequency of a wind turbine to prevent the turbine from blowing up, the wind turbine depends on the wind speed as the speed of the turbine increases the frequency which is not suitable for our equipment and most turbines explode and burn out due to high speed.


The purpose of the device is to monitor the frequency, the frequency ranges will be set by the user, we have provided a potentiometer where the user can increase or decrease the frequency and when the user sets the frequency, the device will act accordingly if the frequency exceeds the user specified limit, the device will automatically cutting the wind turbine load.

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