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A leading SaaS-based agency, Digital Dividend provides next-generation app development services based on Google’s groundbreaking Flutter platform. Let ås help you find the right flutter solutions for your business and micro-enterprise.


Services Within Flutter App Development

Our Flutter developers can help you design, build, test, and launch full-fledged Flutter apps, from determining the best product market fit to delivering your app across multiple platforms and it’s code base for all platforms. By hiring our Flutter app development teams or services, you can create stunning cross-platform apps for iOS and Android, cross-platform apps with smooth animations, engaging user interfaces, and high-performance mobile apps.


Here’s everything you need to get started and grow your e-commerce business.

Tailored Development

With a wide array of fully customizable widgets, you can create native interfaces in minutes.

Expressive and Flexible User Interface

With the framework’s layered architecture, you can create a customized and highly customizable design that renders quickly.

Native Performance

To achieve native performance levels, Flutter uses all important platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.

Support for Core Modules

Flutter is great for cameras, networking, geolocation and storage.

Less Code Integration

You can virtually reuse 100% of code between iOS and Android apps, resulting in faster development.

Support for Older Version

Flutter uses its own rendering engine which gives it an advantage over other cross-platform tools. Thus, it can work with many older versions of Android as well as iOS.

How We Work

We are aware of changing business scenarios and requirements. In this regard, we provide customizable and convenient engagement options. You are given the option of paying a fixed price or paying for completed working hours. Digital Dividend also provides a dedicated Flutter development team for entire projects. And if you want a mix of it, we can quickly change them to meet your needs and make the process as easy as possible. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Idealize and Strategize:

Face-to-face collaboration and discovery
Specified vision

Design and Development:

UX in mind
Control of prototypes
High quality code implementation

Continuous Changes:

A/B testing method
Groundbreaking tactics
Continuity ensured

Flutter Apps Client Projects

Medworks -Mobile Health

Digital Dividend has leveraged Flutter technology to develop a robust mobile app for MedWorks, a comprehensive healthcare management solution. Our skilled Flutter developers have created an intuitive and feature-rich app that enables healthcare providers to streamline appointment scheduling, access patient information, manage electronic medical records (EMR), and facilitate seamless communication with patients. The MedWorks Flutter app enhances efficiency, improves patient care, and empowers healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional services.


CataBlackCar - Passenger and Driver Apps

Digital Dividend has developed a cutting-edge Flutter app for Catablack Car, a prominent car rental and ride-sharing platform. Our skilled Flutter developers have created a user-friendly app that enables customers to book cars, request rides, track their reservations, and make secure payments. The Catablack Car Flutter app offers a seamless and convenient transportation solution, providing users with a hassle-free experience and empowering businesses to establish a strong presence in the car rental market.

Congo Eats - Food Ordering iOS and Android App

Digital Dividend has provided exceptional Flutter app development services for Congo Eats, a leading food delivery platform. Our proficient Flutter developers have built an intuitive and visually appealing app that allows users to browse restaurant menus, place orders, track deliveries in real-time, and provide feedback. The Congo Eats Flutter app offers a delightful and convenient dining experience, connecting customers with a wide range of eateries and ensuring efficient and timely food delivery.


Menyoo – Food Ordering And Customer Loyalty

Digital Dividend has utilized Flutter technology to develop a feature-rich mobile app for Menyoo, an online food ordering and delivery platform. Our skilled Flutter developers have crafted an engaging app that enables users to explore menus, customize orders, place online food orders, track deliveries, and provide ratings and reviews. The Menyoo Flutter app offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall food ordering experience and helping restaurants effectively manage their online presence.

Shippe - Grocery Ordering App

Digital Dividend has delivered exceptional Flutter app development services for Shippy, a comprehensive shipping and logistics management platform. Our expert Flutter developers have built a robust app that enables businesses to manage shipments, track deliveries, optimize transportation routes, and provide real-time visibility into logistics operations. The Shippy Flutter app offers an intuitive and efficient interface, streamlining shipping processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.


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