Integration Services for Payment Gateways

Digital Dividend provides various payment gateway integration services in addition to the software development services to serve our customers with easy online payment solutions. With a variety of payment solutions, we provide consultation and customized solutions to integrate the appropriate payment gateway to your business needs.
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Swish is a Swedish mobile wallet that connects a user’s phone with their bank account. By entering the payee and the amount to send or simply scanning a QR code, you can make P2P transfers and in-store payments. To gain first-hand experience of sustaining sales and influencing the future with innovation, Digital Dividend has Integrated Swish Payment Gateway for Speedoy which is used by many restaurants to accept payment from end customers when ordering food online.


PayPal is the most widely used payment gateway that enables business owners and customers to carry out internal and external transactions from all over the world. Digital Dividend has integrated Paypal into many web and mobile applications for various companies and their operations around the world.


Digital Dividend has an integrated Stripe Payment Gateway that uses Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2) for our European customers, fully compliant with the new European regulations. Stripe is the most trusted and convenient payment solution for customers looking for the most secure payment gateway integration for online and in-person retailers, software platforms, digital marketplaces, e-commerce sites and everything in between.


Paynova provides a full range of internet payment services. Paynova provides access to a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, as well as online banking in a variety of currencies and languages, all through a secure interface (PCI). Digital Dividend supports and provides full implementation of Paynova Payment Gateway for various companies as per customer requirements.


HyperPay is a powerful online payment gateway that has pioneered cashless payments throughout the Middle East and North Africa. To maintain a perfect payment solution, Digital Dividend has integrated Hyper Pay payment gateway for many e-commerce and service-based business platforms in the Middle East.

Authorize .NET

Authorize.Net is a subsidiary of Visa Inc. It is one of the most widely used payment gateways. They provide simple, secure and cost-effective credit card and eCheck processing solutions to provide broader sales opportunities. Digital Dividend has successfully integrated Authorize.Net for an online booking platform for businesses in the US.


2Checkout is an all-in-one payment gateway, processor and redemption platform. Digital Dividend has integrated 2Checkout into various e-commerce based CMS and custom web applications. By integrating 2Checkout, business owners can increase acceptance rates, prevent fraud, and have frictionless customer experiences on their website and apps.


Visa’s payment processing APIs provide direct access to Visa’s payment systems such as authorization and clearing. Visa customers, such as acquirers, processors, authorized merchants and payment intermediaries can use VPP APIs to process payments directly with VisaNet. Digital Dividend has integrated the Payment Processing Visa API for its Fintech-based client projects. Additionally, we integrate Visa Checkout as a payment method into native Android and iOS mobile applications.


STC Pay is a Saudi-based digital payment provider that supports ATM withdrawals via mobile applications. STC Pay is a safe and secure digital wallet that allows thousands of consumers to manage and control their accounts anywhere, anytime. To maintain a gateway with STC, Digital Dividend strengthens various industries by providing integration services for STC Pay.


It is the only payment gateway in the UAE that provides electronic payment services, mainly in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Etisalat Payment Gateway is a next-generation payment infrastructure that not only processes transactions, but also provides customer and transaction management services. Digital Dividend helps a variety of businesses including e-commerce platforms to integrate Etisalat. We have mainly integrated Etisalat Payment Gateway for the projects of our Gulf based client.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service developed by Apple Inc. that allows users to pay in person, through iOS apps and on the web using Safari. To make transactions faster and more reliable, Digital Dividend has implemented and integrated Apple Pay into many native iOS mobile applications.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to handle contactless in-app, online purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to pay with their Android phones, tablets or watches. Among other things, Digital Dividend has implemented and integrated Google Pay in Native Android applications and Cross Platform Mobile Applications built on Flutter

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