React Native

React Native is an open source Javascript framework built for cross-platform mobile app development. With React Native, it is now possible to create a native app for iOS and Android devices with a single codebase. With its rich libraries and components, you can develop a native app with a dynamic UI and intuitive UX. React Native gives you powerful cross-platform apps at a low cost and with short development times.


Our Services Within React Native App Development

Hybrid development, cross-platform app development, API integration and much more. Our top-notch React Native developers deliver everything your apps need and your business demands. We offer safe, secure, extensible and robust mobile applications to our international customers.
Cross-platform Development

Cross-platform app development is made easy with React Native. Our experienced react programmers develop a native mobile app for different platforms sharing a single code base, which then results in lower costs and faster development.

Maintenance & Support

We adopt a proactive approach to updating your applications, identifying and fixing bugs, allowing you to continue to concentrate on your core business for better optimization and profits.

API & App Integration

We can integrate your applications with a CRM solution or various API administrations. In addition, we will also integrate with your business environment to help you deliver the most ideal customer experience.

Reasons To Choose React Native App Development

Taking a look at the benefits of React Native innovation, a large number of organizations have switched to this innovation. Below is a summary of the benefits of improvements to React Native applications.
Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with a project that requires dedicated consideration, get some information about dedicated teams. It is a monthly rolling payment contract.

Controlled flexibility

The controlled agile engagement model is best suited for those individuals who have a limited spending plan and still require some adaptability to the changing conditions.

Time and materials

If you represent a company with undefined projects and need continued work, get some information about tim. It is a rolling contract to pay by the hour.

React Native Apps Client Projects

Medworks -Mobile Health

Medworks is an IoT-based solution that makes it simple and easy for diabetic patients to keep their blood glucose in check. Glu-Sage glucometer connects with your Android and iPhone devices to keep track of your glucose levels – it also gives your doctors real-time reporting on your health. 


CataBlackCar - Passenger and Driver Apps

CataBlackCar is an Uber-style limousine booking service with iOS and Android apps for passengers and drivers. It includes real-time car tracking, instant bookings, flexible driver operations, secure payments and extensive backend administration. Driver payroll and corporate invoices are also included as part of the back office operations. The app is custom built by the team at Digital Dividend along with our client Catalin Nechita. 

Congo Eats - Food Ordering iOS and Android App

Multi-currency, multi-language food portal with user friendly iOS and Android apps for customers and restaurants. The restaurant app allows restaurants to easily manage and fulfill their orders with real-time notifications. Customers get order tracking that shows both order status and how long it will take for the order to reach them. The app also includes secure payments, address verification and financial order reports. 


Menyoo – Food Ordering And Customer Loyalty

Menyoo allows users to place food orders, earn points and get rewarded. This Android and iOS app uses a simple yet effective format for increasing user engagement and customer loyalty. Many other actions and events are available which allow customers to earn points that they can then redeem to get discount deals. The app uses a secure, simple and transparent process.

Shippe - Grocery Ordering App

Order groceries from your closest store and easily compare pricing with the Shippe app. It’s available on both iOS and Android. The app lets you easily create orders and pay with Paypal. As a customer, you can also create wish lists, schedule orders or simply keep track of grocery prices. Grocery shop keepers can easily track their inventory and all orders from a simple web panel to make sure they get orders out on time. 


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