Are you looking for top-notch and knowledgeable Salesforce developers? We offer dedicated engineers who are knowledgeable and have hands-on experience with Salesforce integration, customization, themes, and module enhancements


Our Services Within Salesforce

Our experienced engineers and developers within Saleforce offer business-driven solutions to customers in a global market with fast turnaround time. They develop customizable, secure and performance-oriented real-time applications for Salesforce that unlock a host of benefits for your business and make you more competitive.

Salesforce Consulting

To help you unlock the true potential of Salesforce for your
business, Digital Dividend offers comprehensive Salesforce consulting services.

Salesforce Integration

With extensive features using Salesforce, our expert developers
provide integration services with other platforms, in order to provide a complete solution.

Salesforce Customization

We can meet all your requirements using custom development on the
Salesforce Platform by our experienced team of developers.


Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Services provides widespread efficiency, more
intelligent operations, improved customer interaction and less time to develop a CRM.

Salesforce Support

As a Salesforce development company, Digital Dividend provides
dedicated development and administration support for Salesforce solutions, aiming to ensure
the great improvement and stability of performance whenever needed.

Hiring Salesforce Developers From Digital Dividend = Satisfactory Results

We offer the following customer satisfaction engagement plans to choose from:

Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with a project that requires dedicated supervision, we offer a dedicated team, with is a monthly rolling payment contract.

Controlled Agile Model

The controlled agile engagement model is best suited for those who have a limited spending plan and still require some adaptability to changing conditions.

Time and Materials

If you represent a company with undefined projects and need ongoing work, we offer a rolling contract where you pay by the hour.

Do you need more information about our development and support services within Salesforce? Or are you thinking of hiring a salesforce developer? Then book a free consultation by emailing:  hej@digital-dividend.se

We are ready to assess your challenge and help you with it. Schedule a call to start.


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