Find the most suitable solutions for your business and organization in the most cost- and time-efficient way. We develop what you dream of, under the supervision of the best software engineers and Sitecore professionals.


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Our offshore Sitecore developers provide a range of Sitecore CMS development services to global clients. Our dedicated Sitecore developers have helped businesses of all types and sizes by developing user-friendly, secure, scalable and engaging web apps.

Custom Sitecore Development

Build your own engaging and easy-to-understand CMS with the help of our top-notch Sitecore professionals.

Dedicated Sitecore Developers

Hire dedicated Sitecore engineers who are masters at building intelligent user interfaces for business apps by leveraging the power of Sitecore CMS .

Development of Several Stores

Recruit Sitecore engineers who can create various stores to improve the business knowledge and profits to advance items using Sitecore.

Migration Services

Sitecore helps you with smooth migration from your current CMS platform and also offers upgrades.

Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated team of Sitecore professionals will guide you through the process and offer support to maintain Sitecore web portals.

Sitecore Testing Services

Our team of Sitecore testers follow rigorous testing and ensure that the application runs flawlessly across all platforms and gadgets.

Sitecore Theme Development

Our Sitecore specialists have a decade of hands-on experience creating custom themes that are responsive, intuitive, imaginative and engaging

Flexible Engagement Models

We understand the changing business situations and needs. Along these lines, we have customizable and convenient engagement models for you to review. You can choose whether you want to pay a fixed price for your development cost, or if you want to pay per hours worked for the development work, or if you want to have a fully dedicated development team for a project, or some toggling between these options. We can adjust them to your needs immediately and make it hassle-free for you. Sounds perfect right?

Fixed Price

No deviation from deadline or prices, and specifications will be ensured.

Time and Materials

Flexible models and customization according to your needs are always kept in moderation.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team ensuring quality work delivered on time.

Sitecore Client Projects

Medworks -Mobile Health

Digital Dividend has worked closely with medical practices, clinics, and hospitals to implement our MedWorks healthcare management solution. Our portfolio showcases how MedWorks has transformed healthcare operations, simplifying appointment scheduling, patient management, and electronic medical records. By optimizing workflows and improving efficiency, MedWorks has enabled healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.


CataBlackCar - Passenger and Driver Apps

Digital Dividend’s Catablack Car platform has made a significant impact in the car industry. Our portfolio showcases the successful deployment of Catablack Car, highlighting how we have developed user-friendly interfaces, seamless booking systems, and efficient fleet management solutions. Through Cata Black Car, we have helped businesses establish their presence in the market and provide a convenient and reliable transportation experience to their customers.

Congo Eats - Food Ordering iOS and Android App

Digital Dividend’s Congo Eats food delivery platform has transformed the way people order food. Our portfolio demonstrates our expertise in creating user-friendly interfaces, robust order management systems, and efficient delivery tracking mechanisms. Congo Eats has enabled restaurants to expand their reach, attract more customers, and provide a seamless dining experience from the comfort of their homes.


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