Iot Asset Tracking Device

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Tracking system for vehicles and company assets

Ptag2 is an “IoT asset tracking device” and is a product of PostTrack. This device was built to monitor asset movement and geolocation. Asset tracking systems use GPS tracking devices, barcodes or RFID tags to help manage equipment (usually valuable assets such as generators, tools or OHVs). It is used to increase the security and efficiency of a company's physical assets.



After conducting extensive research on various technology stacks, it was decided to use Hardware ARM Cortex M0 based microcontrollers, for software development C/C++ was used. We used Microchip Studio as an IDE (development environment).



IoT Asset Tracking devices have connectivity and power dependencies.
While it may appear that IoT devices perform simple tasks, such as counting entry swipes at a secure door, they are actually the result of very complex technology. Additionally, if they provide critical data to another workflow or system, they can have a negative impact on everything connected to it.
It is difficult to keep data collected and transmitted by IoT devices secure as they evolve and expand during use.


We started working dedicatedly for the PostTrack IoT asset tracking device, and then worked on this device remotely, performing configurations and operations for the parameters. Through troubleshooting, we were able to identify and resolve the issues. Updating the firmware was a very important part. We have provided support to run the Firm Over the Air (FOTA) process on devices in the field.

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